sol records was founded by the members of grail to release the "the morning of disillusionment" recording. it was chosen to release it as a pro pressed cd with minimal artwork (all black/white 4-pages booklet) in order to offer it for a price that is usually paid für demo tapes. it is what it is: a self produced demo recording, nothing more, nothing less. we did not feel to release it as a demo tape because it was very hard to get blank tapes of good quality for a reasonable price at that time. we also did not feel to spend hours and hours with copying the tapes. end of story.

in the meantime portfolio has increased and some vinyls and also full length cd have been released.

focus is on releasing recordings of our own bands/projects but we are also open for recordings of other undergound black metal bands fitting somehow in the gap between raw rehearsal recordings (which should be released as tape) and professional studio recordings (which should be released by bigger labels). so if you think your band and your recording fits into this philosophy get in touch.

from time to time there are recordings of our rehearsals. if the result turns out any good we make them available for those who are interested in tape or cdr format limited to 66 copies. so no big deal, no promotion, no wholesale. just raw black metal.